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The Plan - OoO A Poet's Corner OoO

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March 24th, 2010

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04:47 pm - The Plan
You were so obsessed with beauty and innocence.
I bewildered you with my beauty
and you believed me so delicate and naive...

I don't know if I did love you,
But perhaps I don't care.

Poor you!  You don't know the plans I have for you.

This love is too magnificent,
but maybe one day it will be over.
I prefer to be the one in your heart
while there is still time.

So, I will take you to the next world,
to the neverland where souls don't return,
So you die for me, but your love won't.

Beautiful times go by very fast.
That's why I am afraid that your love
however intense will be fleeting.
I am sorry my love, I can't bear that.

My beauty and purity one day will disappear,
so why not let you die while remembering as I am now.
This love of yours I want to capture forever,
So, my lover, you must leave this earth.

(c) Pekky Marquez, 2010

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