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A Moment of a Shadow - OoO A Poet's Corner OoO

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July 14th, 2009

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10:23 am - A Moment of a Shadow

 A Moment of a Shadow

Rebekah © July 2009

I am but a moment in light
Dancing in secret
Envying shadows
Trying to avoid any regret

I am the whisper
In a painful scream
In the mist of pure fear
Nothing is as it seems

In the middle of Moon-lit sky
Lighting the dark night
I think these thoughts
My conscious fights

"I know I am not
That person who is so cool
I really miss
My days at school

I know I am not
However I know I am

I feel I am
Not always who I want to be
However I am finally
trying to accept me!"

We are all just simple moment
Playing in the shadows
we need to go out
And live our lives now.

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