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Skillful Water Carriers~ an original work - OoO A Poet's Corner OoO

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July 20th, 2006

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12:50 am - Skillful Water Carriers~ an original work
Miss Spektor reminded us of what we were,
Entwined and giggling like it was our first time
and yet it was.
We were innocently uninnocent,
Hidden in the dark and reading
One another like textbooks
I am still studying the imprints you left.
Trent screamed like an echo
and I lost sense of time and place,
while you carried me through relentlessly.
We skillful water carriers
knew too well what we needed,
what we deserved
and the tears were tears of pain,
pleasure, pride restoring us.

Miss Spektor sang beautifully in my ear
as I covered myself
and slept in our remains.
No promises, no regrets,
"I am not a skillful water carrier
but I have learned to carry love..."
In whatever form that comes in,
I shall carry it through.

(((See Regina Spektor's "Aquarius" for lyric inspiration.)))
Current Mood: contentcontent
Current Music: Miss You Love- Silverchair

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