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June 27th, 2006

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03:39 am - Alternatives~ an original work
Another way of saying
"I'm not sleeping"
Is to see the circles around my eyes
and watch the raccoons call me "momma"
Another way of saying
"I miss him"
Is to watch me smell the air
Knowing he's not really there.
Another way of saying
"I don't need this"
Is walking away from hopeful notions
and opting for sanity, if only for
mere moments.
Another way of saying
"Thank you"
There is no other way
unless you're insincere
and there's no truth beneath it.
Another way of saying
"I love you"
is to reach out for me
and realize I'm reaching back
Another way of saying
"I'm a rebel"
is not through the photography of sad dolls and boy clowns
it is a silent fulfillment of
Another way of saying
"I took my daily dose of apathy"
is to simply smile
while sticking a knife in the back of my hand.
Another way of saying
So many things
Alternatives calling out to the senses
To be aware
I'm aware
of my surroundings.
Current Mood: confusedconfused
Current Music: Listen to the Rain- Evanescence

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